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Body Mint is a revolutionary hygiene product that reduces body odor, bad breath and foot odor from the inside out.  It contains no harsh chemicals and is derived from natural chlorophyll. This makes it one of the best natural deodorant alternatives available. Body Mint is as easy and as convenient as taking a daily vitamin, and is enjoyed by thousands of satisfied customers around the world.

Established in 1999, Body Mint is the original natural deodorant tablet and continues to provide quality products to customers on a global scale.  Our manufacturing process, formulation and ingredient quality is second to none and our goal will always be to provide the highest standards of healthy deodorant protection!

Body Mint - Natural Deodrant Alternative

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Body MInt - Natural Deodorant Alternative

Customer Testimonials

Love This Stuff!

Back in 2008 I developed an allergy to an ingredient common in all over-the counter available deodorants meaning I couldn't use any of them. If I did, the skin of my underarms dried out cracked and the itchiness was simply maddening...and I couldn't stop scratching it which only made things more miserable! A couple of years later I found and tried this product and never looked back. It's currently one of only two products I use and it does the trick for me. I so love this stuff!


B.N., California

Body Mint

I bought this for some one very close to me cause she suffers form severe body odor and extremely bad breath. Since I bought this product for her I can readily say she can go out in society without being worried of how people react to her bad breath and body odor. Thank you so much for your product. I really appreciate it.

O.F., New York

SO glad for this product!

I love the way Body Mint helps your whole body! When I first stopped using deodorants that contained aluminum, I tried many other options that didn't work. This not only greatly decreases under-arm odor, but helps your breath, your feet, etc, while being GOOD for you! Thank you to the brilliant person who came up with this! Try it! You'll be so glad!

J.G., Colorado

Body MInt - Natural Deodorant Alternative

Body Mint Featured on CNN

CNN's Jeanne Moos reviews Body Mint deodorant tablets with Anderson Cooper, Jack Cafferty and Paula Zahn on American Morning.

The next story is more like a public service announcement, really. Especially for those in drought- stricken parts of the nation, who may have to cut down on their shower time. You may be able to stay shower to shower fresh, even if those showers get further and further apart. Imagine a deodorant that works from the inside out. A deodorant that claims to help eliminate every type of body odor. Well, you don't have to hold your breath. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports.

What do you get when you cross a mouthwash with a deodorant with a breath mint? Introducing, body mint. Body Mint Uses Chlorophyll Derivative to Fight Odors.

Aired February 27, 2002 - 08:50 ET

Body MInt Natural Deodorant Alternative
Body Mint - Natural Deodorant Protection for Men & Women