A Revolutionary Chlorophyll Deodorant

Body Mint is unlike any deodorant product on the market today. Developed over a three year period, it has been specifically designed to target multiple odors including body odor, bad breath and foot odors. In addition, Body Mint contains no harsh chemicals because it is a derivative of natural chlorophyll. It is both a healthy and effective solution for reducing malodor making it a great chlorophyll supplement for your daily hygiene needs.

Body Mint's Formulation Process

One of Body Mint’s active ingredients is chlorophyllin, but it is NOT just another chlorophyll supplement. For starters, the plant(s) from which chlorophyll (and thus chlorophyllin) is taken from, can be from any green plant. Body Mint’s source is a trade secret and was shown to be the most effective during research and development for reducing body, breath and foot odor in humans.

The other ingredients that our formula is comprised of were also chosen for specific purposes. In addition to that, the sources from which they are obtained are another trade secret.

Over the initial three year development phase, it took nine different formulations before coming to what we feel is the most effective recipe to date. This melding of ingredients in combination with each other provide the most effective odor reducing results, and constitute what we call, Body Mint’s proprietary formula.

Key Highlights

Proprietary Chlorophyll Source

Proprietary Formula

Three Years of Development

Manufacturing process

Body Mint’s manufacturing process is another closely guarded secret. Technical in nature, each step in the tablet creation process involves essential protocols and procedures that are required in order to make it effective. Unfortunately, little can be divulged about the specifics of these steps without giving away a part of what makes the product successful. However, we do take great care towards ensuring each step is performed with the utmost care and precision.

quality control

Prior to being released for sale, each batch of Body Mint tablets are run through a series of tests. As with most green products or any food grown in the ground, there is a concern of lead being present since it’s in all soil. Body Mint runs an extensive lead and heavy metals test on it’s tablets to ensure it exceeds federal standards. In fact, Body Mint’s test are so strict, it is in a select group of products which are able to meet the California Proposition 65 standard — arguably the strictest safety act posed for consumable goods in the world.

In addition, each batch of Body Mint is third-party tested for dangerous molds and bacteria, including salmonella and E-coli pre-production as well as post-production. This far exceeds the necessary requirements for good manufacturing procedures. This combination of care along with quality ingredients makes Body Mint a great deodorant choice.

Key Highlights

Heavy Metal & Lead Testing

Mold & Bacteria Testing

Quality Ingredients


Body Mint has a guaranteed shelf life of two years due to our manufacturing process. A person can expect Body Mint to remain at full efficacy for this period of time.

vs. Other chlorophyll supplements

Just as the source of chlorophyllin can differ from brand to brand, so can the amount contained per tablet depending on the brand of supplement. Many other brands of chlorophyll supplements may have anywhere from 60 to 100 tablets, but be sure to check the amount of chlorophyllin contained per tablet. More often than not, they contain only 16mg – 50mg worth.

Studies have shown that anywhere from 100mg to 300mg of chlorophyllin per day is required for optimal deodorant protection. Body Mint tablets contain no less than 100mg of our proprietary chlorophyllin in each and every pill. With Body Mint, you can be sure you’re getting not only the highest quality ingredients, but in an efficient manner as well.

Body Mint vs Other Chlorophyll Products


100mg Chlorophyllin per Tablet

Other Brands

16-50mg Chlorophyllin per Tablet


50 tablets per bottle

Most popular


50 tablets per bottle

Extra strength formula


50 tablets per bottle

Specially formulated for women