Body Mint / The Smell Good Company


BodyMint-USA, LLC (est. 1997) is dedicated to the research and development of unique, health product concepts to enhance the quality of life. Its first product, Body Mint, a unique, ingestible, body and breath deodorizing/freshening tablet, was launched in Honolulu, in the year 2000.  Body Mint experienced phenomenal success in Hawaii, then expanded its reach to the mainland U.S. at trendy stores such as Henri Bendel on 5 th Ave. and Fred Segal in LA.

It is now sold in quality retail stores including select Whole Foods Markets, Raleys, Wal-Mart, Wal-Greens and CVS. Sales and distribution within the United States are managed by its subsidiary company, Body Mint-USA, LLC, and foreign markets have been expanded to Canada, Japan and the United Kingdom.

The smell good company

On January, 2020, we re-branded ourselves as The Smell Good Company. It's still owned and operated by the same team but we wanted to think bigger! We realized that healthy hygiene transcends more than just deodorant supplement alternatives. Healthy Hygiene is a way of life; a mindset. It's wanting to live chemical free in all aspects of your day to day routine. So with that goal in mind, we wanted a name that encompasses that mentality. Our hope is to create a variety of chemical free products that help you live a Healthy Hygiene life in every way possible!

We've already started R&D on several new products and we're excited with what the future holds! We thank you for your support over these many years and we hope to deliver the same quality products that you've come to expect from us!