Internal Deodorant

internal deodorant

What is Internal Deodorant

Internal Deodorant works within the body by targeting odor causing compounds and neutralizing them before they are secreted from the body. Unlike conventional deodorants, it is taken into the body via a tablet twice per day. Body Mint is an internal deodorant designed as an easier, healthier alternative to topical deodorants, sprays, powders and breath mints.

Our Formula

They key to Body Mint’s internal deodorant success is our proprietary chlorophyllin formula; a special derivative of chlorophyll. Chlorophyllin targets the body’s most active odor zones like the underarm, mouth and foot area. Unlike topical deodorants, this internal deodorant with chlorophyll doesn’t just cover the body’s odor but instead neutralizes odor causing compounds before they are released.

Tested and Designed for Quality

To ensure Body Mint is a safe and healthy choice as an alternative to other deodorants, the formula used in each tablet has been tested for over three years with the freshest ingredients that are used in every tablet. Beyond that, every batch of new Body Mint tablets is tested thoroughly for efficacy and Body Mint’s quality control procedures are second to none.


60 tablets per bottle

Most popular


54 tablets per bottle

Extra strength formula


50 tablets per bottle

Specially formulated for women