Foot Deodorant

foot deodorant

A Healthy Alternative to Foot Deodorant

Foot deodorant can be one major hassle for the anyone’s daily upkeep, often requiring a specialized product separate from deodorant suited for most odor areas. With Body Mint, foot odor protection has never been easier. Requiring only one pill in the day and another in the night, Body Mint gives day and night protection better than the best foot deodorant.

How It Works

With just two tablets in 24 hours, Body Mint gives full odor protection with a specialized formula that targets the body’s natural odor zones. By working with the body, Body Mint doesn’t cover up natural odor but instead neutralizes them from inside the body. Targeting the underarm, breath, and foot area, you can feel and smell great all day with minimal upkeep.

The Healthier Alternative

Body Mint does not contain aluminum or triclosan. The active ingredient of Body Mint is a proprietary chlorophyllin formula; derived from chlorophyll it is the core to the success of Body Mint, giving the body a healthy dose of internal odor protection.

Make the Change Today

Body Mint is the fastest naturally growing alternative deodorant, providing thousands of people with a happier, fresher living. Order now from our selection of Body Mint brands like Body Mint Sport, designed for the most active of bodies that need the strongest odor blockers in their day to day life, or Body Mint Lady, made for women with all the benefits of Original Body Mint. Order your first shipment of Body Mint today and see how it can change your life for the better.


60 tablets per bottle

Most popular


54 tablets per bottle

Extra strength formula


50 tablets per bottle

Specially formulated for women