Deodorant for Sensitive Skin

Deodorant for sensitive skin

Body Mint contains no harsh chemicals that could potentially cause skin irritations making it an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin.

How Does it Work

Designed to be the best deodorant for men and women with sensitive skin, Body Mint work just like a vitamin would. Taking one tablet in the morning and one at night, Body Mint will work with your body to improve your natural smell, targeting under the arm, the feet, and the body’s natural perspiration zones. Thanks to this proprietary formula of odor protection, Body Mint works internally to neutralize odor causing compounds.

A Healthy Alternative

One of the key factors that sets Body Mint apart from other deodorants is that it is aluminum free making it a natural choice to fighting everyday body odors. Along with this, Body Mint does not contain parabens, triclosan or propylene glycol making Body Mint the far healthier choice for your body.

Body Mint for Anyone

Body Mint seeks to improve the lives of each customer, whether it be monthly plans to remove the hassle of ordering new bottles or designing better formulas for odor protection. In that goal, Body Mint is not only designed to assist men and women with sensitive skin, but all manner of people interested in improving their life with better deodorant choices. For more active users, Body Mint Sport is the choice for any active person looking to keep their sweat and natural odor under control no matter how hard they work. Body Mint Lady is in the same vein designed for any woman that wants to deal with her body’s natural smell without having any need for constant upkeep that most forms of deodorant present.


60 tablets per bottle

Most popular


54 tablets per bottle

Extra strength formula


50 tablets per bottle

Specially formulated for women