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Chlorophyll has long been known as a remedy for body odor. Since 2001, Body Mint has been a global leader in producing high quality chlorophyll-based products. Using a specialized chlorophyll derivative that is designed to target your body’s natural odor, Body Mint’s two-tablet a day system works as a full-cover deodorant. From your breath to your feet, Body Mint provides day and night odor protection.

benefits of chlorophyll vs other deodorant products

Formula: Just as the source of chlorophyllin can differ from brand to brand, so can the amount contained per tablet depending on the brand of supplement. Many other brands of chlorophyll supplements may have anywhere from 60 to 100 tablets, but be sure to check the amount of chlorophyllin contained per tablet. More often than not, they contain only 16mg – 50mg worth.

Studies have shown that anywhere from 100mg to 300mg of chlorophyllin per day is required for optimal deodorant protection. Body Mint tablets contain no less than 100mg of our proprietary chlorophyllin in each and every pill. With Body Mint, you can be sure you’re getting not only the highest quality ingredients, but in an efficient manner as well.

Antioxidants: The Body Mint formula uses specific plants that are naturally high in antioxidants. We use only the freshest ingredients and our manufacturing process is designed to ensure that you, the customer, is getting the very best we have to offer. With Body Mint, you can now reap the benefits of natural antioxidants in a tiny, green tablet. In addition to containing high amounts of antioxidants, the plants that we extract our chlorophyll from have been known throughout history to provide many health benefits, including lowering high blood sugar and maintaining overall heart health. Although Body Mint doesn’t formally claim these benefits for the Body Mint tablet, it’s nice to know that the plant sources of our active ingredient are regarded in such a way! If you’re looking for an antioxidant rich, aluminum free deodorant that works not just on body odor, but breath and foot odor as well, Body Mint is sure to live up to all of your expectations.

No Harsh Chemicals: Body Mint does NOT contain any harsh chemicals. It is packed with natural antioxidants, and contains no aluminum or parabens. Body Mint uses ingredients derived only from natural plant sources and we go to great lengths to ensure that what goes into Body Mint is fresh, safe and of the highest quality. Body Mint works to freshen odors from multiple sources including body, sweat, underarm, breath and foot odors. When taken as directed, it is a healthy, effective and trusted alternative to smelling great, day and night. We at Body Mint are committed to providing you not only the best aluminum free deodorant solution, but also the most effective and convenient odor solution around!


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NO Harsh Chemicals

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Body Mint is incredibly east to use. All you need to do in order to have a happy and body odor-free life is take two tablets of Body Mint per day. Taking one tablet when you wake up in the morning and one before you go to bed at night will provide you with full protection as long as you consistently use Body Mint correctly.

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Try Body Mint today and experience the power of Body Mint's chlorophyll supplements to give your body the best internal deodorant alternative on the market today.


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