Best Deodorant for Men & Women

best deodorant for men & women

Body Mint SPORT and Body Mint LADY are two recent line extensions of our original Body Mint product. We understand that people have different needs, and each offers the same reliable odor protection no matter the situation.

body mint sport - 54 tablets

For the more active individual, man or woman, we highly recommend Body Mint Sport. Designed for anyone with an active lifestyle, whether it be a morning jog to an intense workout at the gym Body Mint Sport will keep pace, and keep you smelling great day and night. Providing a deeper and stronger protection, Body Mint Sport is made for the physically active man and woman both on and off the field.


For men & women who lead active lifestyles

Day and night odor protection

body mint lady - 50 tablets

Body Mint is an aluminum free healthy deodorant for both men and women. Body Mint Lady was created specifically for our female customer’s needs. It is the natural choice for any woman looking for a healthy internal deodorant that is suited for additional female odor protection. In addition to a proprietary chlorophyllin formula, Body Mint Lady also contains lavender, vitamin D and calcium.

Made with lavender, Vitamin D & Calcium

Specifically formulated for a woman's body

Day and night odor protection

what is the main difference

Body Mint Lady is specially formulated to target a woman’s odor needs. It contains soothing lavender as well as vitamin D and calcium. Body Mint Sport is an extra strength formula targeted towards men and women with an active lifestyle. Both work to reduce odors internally, day and night, and either are optimal choices for both men and women looking for the best internal deodorant solution.

one brand, one goal

For both male and female customers using any of our odor protection products, one can be assured that Body Mint is and always will be dedicated to goal of providing a healthier, safer deodorant. We are the original internal deodorant tablet committed to reducing odor from the inside out rather than working at the surface level like many topical deodorants, sprays, powders and breath mints.