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Magic Pills, Prom Tips, Lip Love
By: Erin Zimring
March 2002

When we heard about BodyMint—all natural pills that are supposed to squash B.O. and funky feet smell from the inside out—we couldn’t wait to test ‘em. The magic ingredient is chlorophyllin, a natural derivative of green plants that has been used for 40 years (in everything from toilet paper to gum) to reduce odors. Quick science lesson: when sweat mixes with bacteria, bad smells happen. According to Majid Ali, licensed herbalist and nutritionist, high doses of chlorophyllin help fight the stinkies by re- ducing the amount of bacteria living in those areas. The proof, of course, is in the perspiration. Our lovely copy editor, Pamela, says: “After four days on the Mint, I ditched my deodorant, went to the gym and left smelling sweet.” Managing Editor Heather got different results: “I have sweaty feet, and the pills really cut down on their potency, but it didn’t eliminate the smell completely.” Do we recommend BodyMint? Yes, although it works better on some bods than others. That’s the down low on B.O. $20, BodyMint.com, select drugstores.

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