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Minty Fresh
By: Karen Catchpole
October 2001

When I’m biking or hiking, I don’t just sweat, I smell like I sweat. Correction, I smell like a long-haul truck driver in August in an un-air-conditioned cab on plastic-covered seats. Deodorants put up a valiant fight, but are ultimately no match for eau de Karen. It doesn’t really bother me, but at the urging of those who hit the trail with me, I started taking a new all-natural supplement called BodyMint, which claims to ‘eliminate odors from head to toe,’ if you know what I mean. Each pill contains chlorophyllin (a derivative of the stuff found in green plants), which supposedly acts as a natural deodorant. After five days of taking the pills, I put BodyMint to the test with a 90-mile bike ride (why fool around?). At mile 27 I stopped and sniffed my pits. Then again at mile 59, and finally at mile 90. I didn’t smell like a mint julep, and I m certainly not ready to hand over my deodorant, but the BodyMint did seem to take some of the edge off.

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